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Has the L&D team within your business sunk into a hole that is filled with mundane training and learning?

Have you implemented a LMS that over promises but under delivers? Clunky, confusing and outdated?

Do you spend hours exporting data from your LMS into spreadsheets to build reports that help you analyse your learning data?

At Swift we have reimagined the way learning and development should be delivered and presented. We work closely with L&D departments and subject matter experts to tailor the learning experience for employees, maximizing learning output while reducing training duration.

Integrated into our approach, we focus on addressing the challenges within learning delivery and design, and create people focused solutions that promote engagement, collaboration and enjoyable learning experiences.

Digital learning delivered right

Our approach to learning and development brings content to life and transforms the learning experience of your employees and learners.

We focus on designing engaging and interactive learning content for businesses, which includes revamping businesses approach to employee induction, policy awareness and mandatory training.

Our LMS promotes simplicity, through a clean, user friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. It is so straight forward that no training is required for administrators, course creators, instructors and teachers, EVER!

About Swift



About Us

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When building learning pathways and new modules, we focus on creating an experience that allows the learner to absorb all learning objectives without any redundancies. Working with you, we help identify opportunities of improvement within the delivery of your digital training, content design or learning approach, and implement solutions specifically customised to deliver results for your organisation and people.

As subject matter experts provide knowledge about various topics, the organisation should ensure employees understand the practicality and usability of the information within their day to day operations. Swift is the missing link that connects the two and drives up performance and productivity in the process.

Swift helps you embed the learning experience into every day work, then easily measure challenges, growth and development.


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Why break the bank on an LMS that is packed with features that nobody uses?


SWIFT, let your learning take flight.