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Welcome to Swift Learn, where innovation meets education to transform the way learning and development are perceived and delivered. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to not just enhance but revolutionise digital learning experiences. Our journey is fuelled by a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential through tailored, impactful learning solutions.

Swift Learn mission

Our Mission

To redefine the landscape of digital education, making learning accessible, engaging, and effective for everyone. We strive to bridge gaps, unlock potential, and foster growth through innovative learning technologies and methodologies.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of the digital learning revolution, setting new standards for excellence and innovation in the field. We envision a world where continuous learning and development are integral to personal and professional growth.

Did you know?
Companies that invest in e-learning and on-the-job training generate about 26% more revenue per employee

Our Values

Innovation: Pioneering solutions that challenge the status quo.

Empowerment: Equipping learners and organisations with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Quality: Committing to the highest standards of educational content and delivery.

Collaboration: Building strong partnerships to tailor learning experiences that meet unique needs.

Did you know? E-learning allows students to learn 5 times more material for every hour of training, compared to traditional face-to-face training
Swift Learn - our values




The Game Changers Have Arrived

Swift Learn was founded in 2020 by Laycken and David Morake.  Both founders are passionate about Digital Learning and making a meaningful impact in the industry.  They have been involved in multiple aspects of Digital Learning at various levels throughout their careers, working with organisations in the private and public sectors, ranging through many industries including healthcare, social care, finance, and education.  Through their experience gained over the years, the common trends, along with the quality of learning, systems, and data, identified an opportunity within the eLearning space that both felt obliged to fill.  Since our inception, we've been working tirelessly to bring our vision to reality.  We've made small steps in the right direction, but the journey is still long. 

Meet our  star players who are making this journey worthwhile and bringing our mission and vision to life.

Why Choose Swift Learn?

At Swift Learn, we don't just create digital learning solutions; we craft experiences that inspire, educate, and transform. Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each client, allowing us to deliver customised solutions that drive real results. From comprehensive LMS development to bespoke course design, our offerings are designed to meet the evolving needs of today's learners and organisations.


Our Commitment to You

Tailored Solutions: Your goals are unique, and so are our solutions. We work closely with you to create learning experiences that align with your objectives.

Cutting-edge Technology: Leveraging the latest in educational technology, we ensure your learning solutions are innovative, efficient, and effective.

Expert Team: Our team of experts brings together the best in technology, design, and education to deliver exceptional learning experiences.

Join Us on the Journey to Transform Your Digital Learning

Discover how Swift Learn can help you or your organisation achieve learning and development goals.  Contact us today to explore our services and start your journey toward educational excellence.


At the right price.

Why break the bank on an LMS that is packed with features that nobody uses?

Partner with Swift Learn, and let your learning take flight.


At the right price.

Why break the bank on an LMS that is packed with features that nobody uses?

Partner with Swift Learn, and let your learning take flight.